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    Suffer from hair loss in Dubai and looking for a natural solution? Recognised as one of the leading hair loss treatment facilities in the world, Harklinikken Hair Care Center offers a range of services, from hair checks and custom hair extract formulations to continuous follow-up consultations.

    Boasting individually tailored treatments using only natural products and supplements, Harklinikken was originally founded in Denmark in 1992 and has since opened up a number of clinics across Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East - one of which was in 2012 when the first regional clinic in Dubai opened its doors on Jumeirah Beach Road.

    We popped in for a free preliminary examination where a qualified hair specialist checked our hair to determine whether or not we will benefit from the treatment offered. The main product treatment available is a customised liquid known as 'Extract'. Each client will have a different type of 'Extract' as ingredients are customised (based on the severity of the problem, age, medical condition and more) and also adjusted as the treatment progresses.

    Treatment takes place at home with the first follow-up consultation occurring after one month (then it'll be every 3-6 months). Follow-up consultations involve examining the scalp and hair condition, and comparing with the 'before' pictures.

  • The Bad
    It's worth noting that treatment needs to be thoroughly maintained for quite some time before noticing results. You're looking at around 3-4 months before seeing any change so it requires a lot of patience and commitment; it's definitely not suitable for those looking for a quick fix.

    If you suffer from hair loss that's due to chemical damage or scarring, Harklinikken won't be able to treat you. On the bright side, the hair specialists are extremely transparent about this during the consultation and will inform you that they don't start clients on treatment when they know it won't be beneficial.
  • The Tips
    As well as factors like age and medical condition, treatments are also customised based on gender, medication, hormone imbalance, stress, nutrition, and styling and colour treatments that affect the scalp. If you are successful for treatment, the consultation fee will be applied on your next visit.

    Suffer from medical conditions such as Alopecia Areata? It's not guaranteed that Harklinikken will be able to treat you, especially if you're taking other methods of hair loss treatment already; make sure you mention any medical conditions during your free preliminary exam to see if your case is suitable.

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Villa 347, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah, Dubai

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    Start-up consultation is AED 550 and follow-up consultation is AED 350. The Extract costs AED 420; shampoo is AED 145-220; conditioner is AED 209; hair hydrating mask is AED 188; hair hydrating cream is AED 158-194; styling gel is AED 128.

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