Attention Drivers: No More 20kph Speed Buffer on Major Abu Dhabi Roads

Drivers in the UAE have long used speed buffers on the road to avoid getting flashed by radar, but that’s about to change. Here’s what you should know

Abu Dhabi announces major changes for road users

In a bid to improve road safety, Abu Dhabi is removing the ‘speed buffer’ that allows motorists to drive 20kph faster than the advertised speed limit. According to a report in The National, the changes impact several roads including E11, the main artery connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Speed limit on the roads in Abu Dhabi

Drivers can currently travel 140kph in a 120kph zone with radars triggering at 141kph (and 120kph in a 100kph zone with radars triggering at 121kph.) But Abu Dhabi Police are warning road users that radars will begin flashing according to the speed limit on the designated signage. If the sign says 140kph, drivers can expect to be flashed at 141kph.


New signage is expected to be unveiled on the roads soon. The news comes after Abu Dhabi Police adjusted the speed limit on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road last month, opening the new motorway with a 160kph limit and no buffer.

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