It’s Dubai’s Version of ‘The Amazing Race’… and the Prize is a Mercedes-Benz!

Ponder this for a moment: You have a better chance of winning a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé in Dubai’s upcoming Mercedes-Benz Challenge than you do of hitting the lottery… over your entire lifetime. Why, exactly? Because this activity quest is allowing only 100 teams to participate… and only ONE team is driving away as a winner.

The race is being powered by Rush–A–Way, an exciting, nail-biting adventure race around Dubai, where contesting teams challenge their mental abilities, physical fitness and teamwork. It’s basically a smaller version of The Amazing Race… Dubai-style, of course.

Rules for #MercedesRushaway

Mercedes-Benz Challenge race
Via Instagram | @rushawayuae

This is the 6th season of Mercedes-Benz Challenge and this time around, Gargash Enterprises is sweetening the honey pot with – and it must be said – one incredibly sexy car… (yes we’re *drooling* too.)

The competition is happening on October 27 and revolves around teamwork, so round up your mates for what promises to be an awesome day exploring Dubai with some super fun activities. Soooo here are the rules of the game:

  • Ticket sales end on October 24, or until spots last. Register… um, like right now before spaces fill up!
  • The competing teams will navigate through 7 unique challenges.
  • After each challenge, teams will earn points based on how fast they complete it.
  • The team that completes all challenges and scores the highest points at the finish line wins the grand prize – a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe!

What kind of challenges to expect:

Shhhh… that’s a closely guarded secret! To secure the element of surprise, #MercedesRushaway isn’t sharing the challenges awaiting participants at this year’s event. But this teaser should give you a glimpse of what to expect:

How to participate:

  1. Each team needs to have between 2 – 4 members.
  2. Teams need to participate in a Mercedes-Benz car, to travel between challenge locations. Teams are free to borrow from family and friends or make use of special SIXT rental offer prices, available exclusively for event participants.
  3. Each participant must be 19 years or older. The driving member of the team needs a valid UAE driving license.

How much will it cost?

Mercedes-Benz Challenge race
Via Instagram | @rushawayuae

Due to limited spots, we suggest booking early to ensure a spot. Currently the registrations are open, and fees are as follows:

  • Team of 2 Members: AED 648
  • Team of 3 Members: AED 970
  • Team of 4 Members: AED 1,295

(There’s also a + 5.5% convenience fee)          

Here’s what else you’ll get:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch at a 5-star hotel
  3. Entertainment
  4. Welcome Kit including T-shirts

And the Grand Prize…

A brand new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé… #IsThisRealLife?

The Mercedes-Benz Challenge race
Via Instagram | @rushawayuae

Ticket sales end on October 24, or until spots last. Register here before spaces fill up!

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