Desert Warrior Challenge

Desert Warrior Challenge Race is Coming Back to Dubai in October

Here’s your chance to release your inner warrior in one of the city’s most popular endurance races. The Desert Warrior Challenge is back on October 20 and it’s looking for some fearless participants.

There are dozens of gruelling obstacles awaiting you on this 5km, 10km or 20km course. We’re talking rope climbs, water challenges, zip-lines – you’ll even be dragging tires through the sand.

Desert Warrior Challenge

Here are the courses you can sign up for: Extreme Warrior course is 20km with 30+ obstacles; Ultimate Warrior is the main even and features 10km of track and 20+ obstacles. For novice athletes, there is the untimed Fearless Warrior course that’s 5km with 12+ obstacles. Finally, young visitors can join Junior Warrior that’s 1-2 km and caters to 6-15 year olds.

Warriors can take on the course alone or sign up with a team of eight people – probably a good option if you’ve never witnessed the intensity of Desert Warrior Challenge. This race attracts everyone, from kids to extreme athletes. It’s a race to the finish with bragging rights awaiting top individual and groups who make it on top.

Don’t miss it:

What: Desert Warrior Challenge

When: October 20, 7:30am

Where: Dubai Land District and Dubai Police Training Facility

Cost: Around AED 400 – AED 450 depending on the course