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Dubai Dog Owners Told to ‘Clean Up or Pay a Fine’

Dubai Municipality has launched a cleanliness awareness drive that is reminding pet owners to act responsibly by cleaning up after their furry friends.

The Public Health Services Department is asking dog owners to keep plastic bags with them at all times while walking their pet in public spaces. Owners are expected to deal with animal waste immediately and dispose of waste in allocated bins.

The initiative has been launched to help keep streets, sidewalks, parks and other public spaces across Dubai free of litter and waste… something we can all agree on.

Clean up after your pooch or pay a fine…

  • Failure to clean up and dispose of your dog’s waste will result in a AED 200 fine and a written notice that the offence won’t happen again.
  • If you violate the rule for a second time, there’s a possibility that your animal may be impounded, along with a AED 400 fine.