Dubai Safari

Dubai Safari Will Open by National Day… Ready to Go WILD?

Ready to experience the city’s ‘wildest’ adventure yet?! The much-anticipated launch of Dubai Safari is almost here, with the park scheduled to open before the UAE’s 46th National Day on December 2.

Replacing the outdated Dubai Zoo, this massive safari Dubai facility will cover 1.2 square kilometres in Al Warqa’a 5 – near Dragonmart – and will feature a range of interactive experiences that’ll put you up-close with wildlife species from around the globe.

What’s the park going to be like?

Dubai Safari Park is set to open within monthesCredit: Dubai Municipality

For one thing, it’s going to be huge! According to Dubai Municipality, who are behind the project, Dubai Safari Park will be twice the size of Vatican City (the world’s smallest country.)

The park will be separated into multiple sections that will include an African Village and Asian Village complete with authentic features and native animal species. Guests will also be able to access the Open Safari Village and dedicated children’s park, as well.

What about the animals and safari?

Dubai Safari Park is set to open within monthesCredit: Dubai Municipality

Dubai Safari Park is promising big things in terms of how much wildlife action guests will get to enjoy. With over a 3,500 animals expected to call the park home – including lions, giraffes, elephants and monkeys – it’s shaping to be one epic nature adventure. Just last month, a pair of white lion cubs were born here!

Movement around the park will be done with electric vehicles and will include “special elements of suspense and excitement” according to municipality officials. We literally can’t wait to see what’s in store.