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Emirates Has New Rules For Passengers Flying With ‘Smart Luggage’

Citing safety concerns, Emirates Airlines has announced new regulations regarding the use of ‘smart luggage’ while flying. Here are the details

Emirates Airlines puts ban on certain ‘smart luggage’

Any smart bag without a removable battery will now be banned on all Emirates flights (Etihad has issued a similar ban.) If you recall batteries catching fire with hoverboards and Samsung Note 7 phones, the concern is certainly justified. Here are the new travel restrictions:

  • If the battery is not removable, your smart luggage cannot be carried on the flight (no exceptions)
  • If the battery is removable, smart bags will be allowed to be stored in the cabin (as long as they’re still within size/weight limits). The battery can also remain inserted, but the smart bag must be completed powered off.
  • Passengers can still check in smart luggage, as long as the battery is removed and carried with you into the cabin.

What is ‘smart luggage‘?

You might have seen ‘smart luggage’ on your last trip to the airport – these electronic travel bags come equipped with everything from phone chargers to built-in scales, GPS and Bluetooth. Some models even follow you through the airport using sensor technology.

The possibility of travel that’s less stressful is an intriguing concept for most of us. If you’re curious, we suggest checking out the latest smart luggage features in the clip below…

Image credit: awaytravel.com

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