Dubai is Going ‘Back to the Future’… to AREA 2071

In recent months, there’s been a steady stream of futuristic Dubai news that pretty much typifies what we’ve come to expect from the ‘land of superlatives’ – and this is no different.

Aviation giant Emirates Airlines will build an ‘Aviation X-Lab’ at Dubai’s AREA 2071 (part of the UAE’s Centennial Plan 2071.) Its focus will be on innovation, attracting global talent, developing manufacturing… and pretty much making sure Dubai is a #boss in the world of transportation.

So… let’s see what the project is going to look like!

Look at those Back to the Future walls…

Does this mean we can change the channel for a different landscape view… Paris, perhaps?

Image credit: AREA 2071

Modern meeting spaces…

We’re loving the urban-art style staircases!

Image credit: AREA 2071

Apple-style work zones…

Uhhh, we’re not sure how we feel about this yet.

Image credit: AREA 2071

… And this futuristic/alien object looks like its landed near Emirates Towers

Image credit: AREA 2071

Teaser about AREA 2071 and new Emirates Airlines hub…