Follow the Speed Limit When Driving… and Get Rewarded by Dubai Police

Your safe driving habits can soon get you rewards through a new initiative set up by Dubai Police during Gitex Technology Week. Drivers will be able to collect ‘white’ points for following the speed limit, and redeem them for vouchers and gifts. Sounds like a great reason to slow down…

Vouchers and gifts for not speeding

Starting from next week, motorists can log into the Dubai Police app and register for the programme. Here’s how it works:

  • On the app, a map will show the driver on the road and they will be able to collect white points for not exceeding the speed limit every five or 10 kilometres
  • Drivers will be ranked based on their points, and you can even form teams to compete for points
  • Points will be deducted from your account when you do exceed the speed limit
  • Only vehicles registered in Dubai can sign up for the points programme
  • Earning white points will not cancel out any black points on your driving record

Will reward incentives encourage you to drive more safely on the roads? Let us know in the comments!