Most of Dubai’s Taxis Will Start Offering FREE Wi-Fi Soon

Most people search for an available WiFi connection before, let’s say, even looking at the menu when they’re dining out. So it’s no surprise that Dubai, a city which welcomes millions of tourists each year, is pushing ahead with plans to introduce free WiFi onboard more than 10,000 taxis in its fleet. Here are the details…

Free WiFi in Dubai taxis will soon be available

The RTA has joined forces with UAE telecoms operator du to introduce free WiFi onboard 10,000 taxis — that’s in addition to the thousands of taxis already offering complimentary Internet to passengers.

It’s an ideal solution for tourists visiting the emirate, many of whom rely on public WiFi connections when traveling outside their hotels. The plan will reportedly be rolled out in phases.

What’s got us most excited? The fact that Dubai’s taxi drivers will have access to Google Maps at all times. Can we all do a slow clap?

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