Global Village is Opening on Tuesday — You Ready?!

A trip to Global Village is basically a rite of passage for all Dubai residents and tourists… and things are about to kick back off again when the family-centric destination relaunches next month.

The park is set to open its doors for a new season on TuesdayOctober 30. Now in its 22nd year, Global Village will be attracting the masses all the way up until April 7, 2018. Take a sneak peek inside…

Global Village is back…

A new season is coming…

Global Village Dubai will keep millions of visitors entertained this season with new rides, shops, pavilions, prize giveaways and live entertainment. Oh, and let’s not forget the amazingggg food stalls featuring dishes from every corner of the world.

Over the next few months, you can expect major celebrity news as Global Village hosts some of the biggest stars from Bollywood and the region. Regular stage acts will also put on performances nightly, including dance troupes, children’s theatre and more. Stay tuned for updates!

Tickets to Global Village are priced at AED 15 per person, available daily from 3:30pm onwards.

Via Facebook | @Global Village