FlyWheel Dubai at MoE

Mall of Emirates Now Offers FREE Fitness Classes (Including FlyWheel!)

If there was ever a time to get back into shape, this would be it. Mall of the Emirates is now offering free fitness classes to the public as part of their new ‘MOE Active’ programme. They’ve even teamed up with FlyWheel Dubai to bring a range complimentary workouts catering to all athletic levels.

Taking place throughout the week, classes will be held at 8:30am in the Ski Dubai foyer before stores open from Sunday-Thursday. That means you can pop in for a workout before heading for shopping or breakfast – it sounds awesome!

Class schedule:

Whether you’re really into fitness or just want to stretch your legs, you’ll find a class right for you.

  • Mall Walkers (Sunday, 8:30am): A popular fitness concept around the world, you can join this mall walking group while learning new stretching positions.
  • Mall Circuits (Monday, 8:30am ): A bit more advanced than mall walking, this programme features interval training stops that’s guaranteed to help you break a sweat.
  • FlyWheel Dubai (Tuesday, 8:30am): Here’s your chance to try out one of the world’s most popular cycling classes, FlyWheel. Hailing from NYC, the world-acclaimed fitness trend lasts 45 minutes and features a heart-pumping music soundtrack to keep you moving.
  • FlyBarre (Wednesday, 8:30am): This total-body sculpting class blends light weight training with core strengthening exercises for anyone looking to tone up their body. FlyBarre is a high-energy workout that’s great for cardio and strength training.


To reserve your bike, mat or spot for each class, register at All classes are free.