New Dubai-Sharjah Bridge Will be READY in August 2018

No matter how you spin it, commuting by car… to and from Sharjah (especially during rush-hour) is not usually pleasant. The slow-moving traffic, hours behind the wheel, incessant honking… it’s exhausting. But things are looking more hopeful with the announcement that a new ‘Dubai Sharjah bridge’ will be completed by August 2018… which is right around the corner.

Dubai Sharjah bridge to help ease congestion…

The UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development shared the update with the public this week, confirming that a nine-lane bridge is currently being constructed at Al Badea in Sharjah.

The bridge will consist of six lanes on Emirates Road and three lanes on the Sharjah-Mleiha Road, helping divert traffic away from notoriously congested routes like Al Ittihad Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

It’s also going to make travelling to/from all the northern emirates much more easier. The mega project is expected to cost a total of AED 200 million. We can’t wait for this!