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RTA is Donating AED 1 For Every Dubai Metro Passenger Taking the Stairs

We could probably all do with a bit more exercise, which makes this new initiative from the RTA hard to ignore. Every Dubai Metro commuter who opts to take the stairs in the station – rather than use the lift or escalator – will help raise AED 1 for charity. Here’s what you should know

Dubai Metro and the Year of Giving

The RTA campaign is called Charitable Steps and it’s currently running inside BurJuman Metro Station, which accommodates more than 30,000 passengers daily.

Once you’re headed towards the trains, you’ll see signage explaining the initiative and encouraging walkways leading you to the staircase. A sensor at the top of the stairs will monitor all foot traffic, adding AED 1 to the charity total for every passenger passing through.

The charity initiative is expected to expand to one or two more Metro stations in 2018. All proceeds collected will be donated towards projects in developing countries. Did we mention that we’re really loving this concept?