RTA Dubai

AED 30,000 is Up For Grabs… if the RTA Likes Your Eco-Friendly Ideas

It’s not everyday that the RTA Dubai calls on the public for help… especially when it involves AED 30,000 in prize money. But now you’ve got a chance to line your pockets while helping make Dubai a greener city.

The Road and Transport Authority is holding a contest for residents who can come up with ideas for making transport more environmentally friendly. Here’s what you should know:

Your eco-friendly ideas can win big…

The competition is part of the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport, now in its 10th edition. There are several award categories to enter, including ‘Mobility Management’, ‘Environment Protection’, ‘Transport for People of Determination’ and ‘Transport Safety’ and ‘Best Student Project’.

Each category has a different set of criteria in focus, with ‘sustainability’ a recurring theme throughout. How can we encourage more walking and cycling? What can we do to reduce the number of cars on the road? All these topics and more will be in the competition spotlight. Yalla.. it’s time to unleash your best ideas!

To enter, register here. Participants can submit their proposals before October 15.