First Day of Ramadan in UAE is Confirmed…

It’s official: the start of Ramadan in the UAE will be Thursday, May 17. Here are the details…

Start of Ramadan 2018 has been announced

The Holy Month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday, May 17. Officials in Saudi Arabia made the announcement after a Moon-sighting committee was unable to see the new crescent Moon on Tuesday evening.

The fasting period this year for those observing the Holy Month will exceed 13 hours a day, increasing to 15 hours a day towards the end of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr is predicted to fall on Friday, June 15, according to astronomical calculations.

Working hours for the private sector will be reduced by two hours throughout Ramadan, while civil servants will work from 9am-2pm. Ramadan will last either 29 or 30 days.

Charity initiatives you can support

Grassroots initiatives like Ramadan Sharing Fridges are looking for community support to help feed low-income workers during the Holy Month. Here are more details on how you can help

You can also find a useful Ramadan etiquette guide including the do’s and don’ts to follow during the Holy Month.

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