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    In search of Dubai's go-to household guru? Offering AC duct cleaning service, upholstery cleaning services in Dubai and sofa cleaning services in Dubai, as well as deep cleaning services for carpets, mattresses and curtains, Sancare is your one-stop company for all your home maintenance needs.

    Boasting a professional and experienced team of industry specialists, this British-owned cleaning firm is accredited by the NCCA (UK Carpet Cleaners Association) and covers every area in Dubai. With state-of-the-art equipment that avoids the use of harmful chemicals, whatever you need sanitising, Sancare will have your space looking flawless in no time.

    We had a team of four come to our home to clean our curtains - one of whom was the supervisor of the company. They arrived on time, fully equipped and were extremely thorough. The supervisor even inspected our air ducts and kindly offered us a quotation as well as a free demo of the process. For air duct cleaning, Sancare uses a special video camera with a probe that shows exactly which areas need to be cleaned, along with a fogging machine that ensures the sanitising spray is properly distributed.

    Sofa need cleaning? If it's fabric, they'll test the sofa first to see which product is most suitable and use low moisture shampoos so that drying time is shorter and more convenient.

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    There's a minimum charge of AED 250 which may be a bit steep if you only need a small job done. The services offered by Sancare are in high demand so we'd advise planning ahead and booking an appointment in advance. When we called on a Monday to book, the soonest available time slot they had was the following Saturday. Not very convenient if you have a last-minute emergency. On the bright side, the team are extremely helpful and will try to accommodate as much as they can.
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    If you're interested in carpet cleaning, you can opt to have a regular appointment set up to deep clean your carpets every six months. If you've got more than two air ducts that need air duct cleaning, expect the process to take the whole day so be sure to plan accordingly. Sancare also offers services for leather sofas; this includes repairing cracks and re-covering.

    Initial site visits are free where a quote will be given; we'd advise requesting this to make sure you're happy with the final cost. If you've had your furniture wet cleaned, it's recommended to leave it for 3-6 hours; if it's a dry cleaning process, you can use it immediately.

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    Air duct cleaning: AED 600 per unit. Carpet cleaning: AED 12 per square metre. Curtain cleaning: AED 17 per square metre. Sofa cleaning (fabric): AED 80 for shampooing (one seat).

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