Team insydo Take on Aventura Dubai in Mushrif Park

Ready to climb to new heights?! The newest adventure park in the city, Aventura Dubai had us zip-lining, rope climbing and jumping from the tree tops at Mushrif Park. Located in Mushrif Park, Aventura Park is set up to surprise. Who knew so many adventures hid between the Ghaf trees?! Not only is Aventura Dubai a fun way to escape the skyscrapers and city hustle, it’s an opportunity to get acquainted with the great outdoors. There are over 80 challenges to take on across 5 different levels of difficulty, but before heading to the Aventura circuits, we made our way into the forest for a trust challenge…

The leap of faith at Aventura Dubai

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch your colleagues squirm or hear them scream? One-by-one, we climbed that tree trunk, balanced ourselves on a foot-wide surface and took a leap of faith… all while  jeering cheering each other on! Aventura Dubai’s corporate packages are up there with the best we’ve seen in the city; they can design your team building day to achieve your set objectives. Trust us, Everyone will love it.

Don’t look down at this adventure park!

If you’re looking for some serious air-time, then Aventura Park in Mushrif Park is your next weekend stop-off. Catering to the young and the old, the fun-loving and the fearless, you can choose your own limits. Learn the circuits:

  • Rangers: a low circuit specifically designed for the kids… parents can accompany their little ones on their adventures!
  • Explorador: lots of fun and not too difficult or high! Designed for the young (and the young at heart).
  • Thriller: height is high, difficulty is low. This one is all about zip line thrills!
  • Aventura: this one has the height and the complexity. Prepare for some adrenaline-pumping adventures.
  • Extreme: complex, high and for made for the most daring! Get ready to surf through the treetops and Tarzan jump from the highest platform!

What do you think we chose?!

Swing to safety

With a park like this, safety’s got to come first, and we were impressed with both the staff and the equipment. Before we started climbing walls and nets, we hit ‘Initiation’ zone where we got to grips with the high-tech CliC-iT® carabiners and personal protection equipment. The fact that it’s impossible to be unhooked from the safety line makes you feel at ease immediately; plus, there’s constant communication between staff in all zones, so if you ever get stuck, an Aventura superhero will be with you before you even get the chance to look down!

Sunset views of Mushrif Park

Even for the most seasoned adventurer, the Extreme circuit of this adventure park will challenge you physically and mentally. Trying to traverse the trail while our team mates were chasing from behind definitely tired us out! While you’re up there, make sure to take a moment and enjoy the view; it’s not often in Dubai that you get to look down from the treetops! We managed to experience a very different type of sunset from above.

Zipline fun!

Aventura Park has the longest series of zip lines in the region (would you expect anything less?!), so you can swing, slide and even surf your way to zip line happiness at various circuit platforms. If that’s not an excuse to get outdoors, then we don’t know what is!

Aventura Dubai prices…

Aventura Park Dubai prices vary depending on the package and ticket you opt for.

General access:

  • AED 150 (if above 1.4m)
  • AED 125 ( if below 1.4m)
  • Observer pass: AED 10

But remember, Aventura Dubai do birthday packages and corporate packages too. There really is no better place in the city to monkey around… Go on, give this adventure park a try and let us know if you had as much fun as we did!