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Challenge Your Most Competitive Friends To These Fun Dubai Games

We all those overly competitive friends who would do whatever it takes to win, whether it’s playing a simple game of Heads Up or a more fierce game of paint ball. So if you’re prepared for some ‘friendly’ competition, here are some super fun Dubai games to challenge your most competitive friends to..

1. Jumble Dubai

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Jumble is basically like a real-life maze, with group challenges that you must solve (repeatedly, until you get it right) to move on to the next room. It’s super fun, requires a lot of team work, and puts your physical, mental and creative skills to the ultimate test.

Where: Jumble Dubai, Barsha

2. VR Park Dubai Mall

Whether you’re ready to take on a zombie attack, jump on a roller coaster to the future, rob a bank or try free falling off the Burj Khalifa – there are so many fun experiences to challenge your friends to at Dubai Mall’s VR Park! We went along to see what all the fuss was about, and here’s what went down.

Where: VR Park, Dubai Mall

3. Bubble Soccer UAE

Via Facebook | @bubblesoccerae

Ever tried playing bubble soccer? It’s basically like playing a game of soccer, except with big bubble floats around you! A super fun game to challenge your friends or colleagues to – expect a lot of tumbling, rolling, failing to get back on your feet, and constant fits of laughter.

Where: Bubble Soccer UAE

4. Laser Tag Dubai

Via Xtreme Laser

One of our favourite Dubai games! If you haven’t played laser tag before, you are seriously missing out! Split into two teams, you’ll have to plan and strategize with your comrades in order to take your frenemies down. You’ll need a big group to play this one – but pick your team wisely.

Where: Xtreme Laser Tag, J3 Mall

5. Board Games at Back to Games

Via Instagram | @backtogames

Don’t be bored, play a board game! If you and your mates are serious board gamers, you need to check out Back to Games at Times Square Centre. Team up and head there to play your favourite board games, or discover new ones – all for free!

Where: Back to Games, Times Square Centre

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