HintHunt escape room Dubai

Top Escape Rooms and Live Games to Try in Dubai

Only true masterminds will be able to to keep their cool in these live escape games in Dubai. From submarine escape rooms at HintHunt Dubai to the mystery rooms at Challenge Chambers, it’s time to voluntarily trap yourself in a room with friends and try to get out… alive. Which of these brain games will you try to tackle next?!

1. HintHunt Dubai

Forget Cluedo. The latest craze to hit the city is HintHunt Dubai –  a live escape game that revolves around a number of themed rooms, including a mysterious murder and a sinking submarine. Your mission is to escape the room within 60 minutes by breaking codes and answering mind-bending puzzles. Hints are given every so often on a screen, so don’t worry, you’re not alone… someone is always watching you.

Price: From AED 110 per person

Location: Times Square Centre

insydo tip: The Submarine escape room is extremely challenging and the design is awesome… you will feel as though you are trapped inside an actual submarine!

2. Escape Reality

Pick an escape room by difficulty level, gather your squad and head to Indigo Sky on Sheikh Zayed Road. Designed for groups of 2 to 6 players, Escape Reality offers you eight hi-tech, heavily-themed game rooms to choose from, both horror and adventure themed, all inspired by some of your favourite movies, TV shows and video games. Put your problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills to the test to find your way out in 60 minutes. Check out a teaser video of all games on the website… Alcatraz, here we come!

Price: From AED 100 per person

Location: Indigo Sky on Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to FAB Metro Station

insydo tip: Pick up gift vouchers for friends or organise a corporate get-together for you and your work mates.

3. Brain Game

Brain Game Dubai is located in Karama near the ADCB Metro station. There are four escape game rooms to choose from: ‘Prison Madness’ where you’re locked in a cell; ‘The Museum’ where you have steal a valuable crown; ‘Around the World in 60 Minutes’ based on the famed novel; and ‘Orient Express’ where you have to solve a train murder mystery.

Price: The cost is AED 110 per person on weekdays and AED 120 per person on weekends.

Location: Karama

insydo tip: Some of the challenges can only accommodate four people at a time, so bigger groups will have to be divided into other rooms.

4. Escape Quest

Escape Quest is a real-life escape game where nothing is ever quite what it seems. These live escape games have become so popular that there are enthusiasts who travel around the globe in order to beat the clock. The 60-minute challenges are designed to test your brain through a complex workout of both logic and lateral thinking.

Escape Quest

Price: AED 280 for two people. If you have 3 to 5 people, it works out at AED 120 per person.

Location: Cluster M in JLT

insydo tip: Thursday nights are busy, so book a few days ahead to avoid disappointment.

5. Challenge Chambers Dubai

Admittedly, paying to be shackled in handcuffs, thrust into a room and told you have “60 minutes to get out alive” does sound a little peculiar, but cracking the code to ‘The Escape Challenge’ with two minutes and seven seconds to go feels pretty damn good.  Challenge Chambers presents a Real Life Escape Game that will test your intellect, intuition and – quite possibly – your friendships.

Price: For a 30-minute teaser session in the ‘Trapped’ chamber, AED 100 covers the cost for two.

Location: Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road

insydo tip: Rooms are booked out by the hour, so avoid being late. Benefit from cheaper rates on week days.

6. Phobia Escape Games

Hunt for hins, solve puzzles and try to get out of one of the Phobia Escape Games before time is up. Housing four different rooms, you could be stranded in a nuclear bunker or even in the lair of a maniac. Play the games with two to four people and unlock clues along the way to beat the clock.

Price: Starting from AED 110 per adult

Location: Two branches in JLT

insydo tip: Book ahead for weekends as they book up fast!