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5 Cool Things To Do At The Dubai Ice Rink

Heading to the Dubai Mall this weekend? Out of all the fun things to do at the mall, the Dubai Ice Rink is one of our favourites! Why, you ask? Because they take ice skating in Dubai to a whole new level! From snowfall nights to ice hockey, here are 5 super fun things you can do at the Dubai Ice Rink…

1. Disco Ice Skating 

So you think you can dance.. on ice? Put on your skates and get ready to party at the Dubai Ice Rink! From hip hop and RnB to electronic and pop, the resident DJ will be spinning the latest hits to get your grooving!

Price: AED 84 per person, AED 5.25 for skate hire
When: Sunday to Wednesday at 6.45pm; Thursday to Friday at 6.45pm & 10.15pm; Saturday at 3.15pm, 6.45pm & 10.15pm

2. Family DJ Party

Got little ones who want to party too? The Dubai Ice Rink invites families down for its daily Family DJ sessions, where you can skate along to the upbeat tunes. For kids who are still learning how to skate, there will be penguin skate aids available for hire, as well as double bladed skates (Bob skates).

Price: AED 84 per person, AED 36.75 per child (under 100 cms), AED 5.25 for skate hire
When: Sunday to Thursday at 3.15pm; Friday at 1.30pm & 3.15pm; Saturday at 11.45am & 1.30pm

3. Snowfall Skating

Always wanted to experience ice skating in Dubai while it’s snowing? Just head on over to the Dubai Ice Rink! The Snowfall Skating sessions really are magical, with soft snow flakes falling down as you skate around the rink.

Price: AED 84 per person, AED 36.75 per child (under 100 cms), AED 5.25 for skate hire
When: Friday and Saturday at 5pm

4. Practice Skating like a Pro

Whether you’ve been learning ice skating in Dubai, or you’re already an advanced skater, the Freestyle session is the best time to practice your hops, jumps and spins. You’ll be able to glide freely around the Dubai Ice Rink, without a flurry of novice skaters bumping in to you.

Price: AED 57.75 per person, AED 5.25 for skate hire
When: Depending on availability. Must be pre-booked with a freestyle coach at reception desk

5. Ice Hockey lessons

Fancy playing a game of ice hockey? In addition to ice skating lessons, the Dubai Ice Rink holds ice hockey lessons too! The certified instructors will teach you everything from power skating to stick handling to puck control.

Price: From AED 840 for a 7-week course
When: Wednesday, timings based on instructor availability

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