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The Craziest Indoor Rides & Roller Coasters in Dubai (and RAK)

Craving an adrenaline rush, but can’t deal with summer in Dubai? We got you! Luckily for us, Dubai is home to rides and roller coasters in Dubai that are indoors too! From zipping past dinosaurs at Dubai’s indoor theme park IMG Worlds of Adventure to falling down a 130ft high vertical drop at Tridom Ras Al Khaimah, here the the craziest indoor rides in the UAE right now…

1. Predator at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Hands down one of our favourite roller coasters in Dubai – the Predator ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure will have you screaming from start to end! Get ready for an insane ride as you zoom through the all the twisted loops and turns in the Lost Valley!

2. Sky Tower Ride at Tridom RAK

There’s a brand new adventure park in Ras Al Khaimah, and it’s not for the faint-hearted! One of their main attractions is the Sky Tower Ride – a 130 feet high vertical drop! An aerial lift will take you to the top of the tower, and after a short pause… you’ll free fall downwards!

3. Thor Thunder Spin at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Ready to spin in the air like Thor’s hammer does? The Thor Thunder Spin ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure is so much fun, you won’t want to get off. You’ll be super spinning 360 degrees in the air throughout the ride, so make sure you don’t eat anything before going on!

4. Dubai Drone at VR Park Dubai

Have you checked out VR Park Dubai yet? It may be a virtual experience, but it definitely feels like the real deal! When you’re there, make sure to try out Dubai Drone. Set in 2050, drone taxis are the new form of transport and as usual, we’re stuck in traffic. But suddenly your drone spins out of control and…  you’ll have to try it to find out!

5. Super Spin at Tridom RAK

Another awesome ride to check out at Tridom Ras Al Khaimah is the Super Spin! Once you’re all strapped in, the ride will spin you 360 degrees in mid-air! Think you’re brave enough to try it out?

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