A Look Inside the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park in the UAE

From zombie apocalypses to Mission Impossible-style challenges, the evolution of escape games has come a long, long way. The escape room phenomenon originates from a 2004 video game called ‘Crimson Room‘, which was then developed into the first-ever, real-life escape game by the Japanese in 2007. Why? Its founder, Takao Kato, wanted players to be fully immersed in the game.

Taking the concept of escape games one step further is Jumble, an indoor adventure park that puts your physical and mental capabilities to the test. Known for being “an unconventional gaming experience”, this Dubai-based facility is actually the first indoor adventure maze to open in the UAE. Crack mind-bending codes, crawl out of pitch-black tunnels and scramble through challenging obstacle courses – if you’re looking for an alternative group activity with friends or an action-packed team day, this is it. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat Jumble? Let the games begin…

Ready to get your ‘Jumble’ on? Flick to the Jumble website for more info about prices, location, dress code and online bookings.