Is This the Scariest Thrill Ride at Wild Wadi Dubai?!

Wild Wadi Waterpark has always been a weekend winner. BUT fun alone is never enough… so we took two of our fresh-faced insydo team members and scaled to the top of the park for our latest challenge. With trap-door chambers and a stomach-churning countdown before you drop through the floor, the Jumeirah Sceirah water slides are certainly not for the faint-hearted. Could this be the scariest thrill ride in Dubai?

Jumeirah Sceirah…

First, you’ll climb the 32 metres tower past other water slides in the park. From the top, you’ll find awesome views of the entire park, plus the Jumeirah coastline. There are two side-by-side Jumeirah Sceirah water slides, so if you’re going down, you can make sure that someone else goes down with you!

Guests must cross both their arms and legs before the water slide capsule closes… leaving you to contemplate your fate! You’ll definitely feel the anxiety build as the countdown begins before you drop through the floor at frightening speeds!

Guests must be above 1.1 metres to be allowed on this slide. The maximum weight for Jumeirah Sceirah is 136.4 kg.

More about Wild Wadi…

Part of the Jumeirah group, Wild Wadi Dubai is one of the top water parks in Dubai, boasting 30 of the best slides and rides in the city, all overlooking the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel and Dubai coastline. Spread over 50,000 square metres, the park is packed to the brim with loungers, fast food joints and gift shops; perfect for a day of wet and wild adventure.

For adrenaline junkies who love a white-knuckle thrill, the Jumeirah Sceirah is a must-try ride in Dubai. But be warned, you’ll be lucky to escape this vertical drop slide without one heck of a wedgie. A couple of the group rides – like Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley – are also great fun. Bring a GoPro along to capture the best moments.  Worried about the kids? There are loads of lifeguards on duty and you can buy sun cream at most gift shops.

Wild Wadi prices…

General admission for a person of 1.1 metres (or above) in height is AED 275. It’s AED 215 for someone below 1.1 metres. Annual passes are available for those always looking for fun things to do.