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Mommy Bloggers in Dubai That You Should be Following

Whether you’re a mum-to-be or you’ve already been blessed with little troublemakers,  motherhood is long journey and you’ll need all the help you can get! Luckily for us, these mummy bloggers in Dubai have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be an expat mum in Dubai and they’re here to help you through it.

From little parenting tips that go a long way to the best spots to hang out with your kids in Dubai, here are 5 mum bloggers in Dubai that we’re loving right now…

1. Seashells on the Palm

mommy blogger in dubai seashells on the palm edwina viel
Via Instagram | @seashellsonthepalm

Run by Edwina Viel, a mummy to 4 beautiful kids, Seashells on the Palm is an insightful blog that covers parenting, activities and events for children, education, travel, health, and reviews on helpful services.

What we love most: There are other writers from around the world that contribute to the blog too! Expect to read some really interesting articles for parenting tips or fun DIY projects. 

2. The Mothership Dxb

mommy blogger in dubai - helen farmer the mothership dxb
Via Instagram | @themothershipdxb

Parenting isn’t easy, and this mommy blogger isn’t going to pretend it is. Looking for an honest blog about the ups and downs of parenting? You got it! The Mothership Dxb is headed by Helen Farmer, a working mum who shares honest reviews, true stories about her experience as an expat mum in Dubai and useful tips for parents. 

What we love most: How raw Helen’s blog is! The Mothership is a blog that parents can really relate to, and shows them that it’s okay to make mistakes. 

3. Dubai Our Sandbox

mommy blogger in dubai - dubai our sandbox emily liden
Via Instagram | @dubaioursandbox

Emily Liden is the mommy blogger behind Dubai Our Sandbox, a really cool blog for fellow mums in Dubai. From fun family activities to detailed reviews on everything from kids play areas and toys to beauty products and services, this is a blog all expat mums in Dubai to bookmark.

What we love most: The blog is updated more regularly than the others – great if you’re interested in what’s new in Dubai.

4. Baby Nilia

mommy blogger in dubai - baby nilia
Via Instagram | @BabyNilia

Baby Nilia is a blog that follows the adventures of full-time working mummy Behnoush and her little baby Nilia. Having only launched her blog last summer, Behnoush writes about the issues faced by working mums, kids activities, reviews of play areas in Dubai and her life as an expat mum in Dubai.

What we love most: Nilia’s swag style! Follow them on Instagram to see Nilia posing in the cutest little outfits.

5. Adventures with Kaya 

mommy blogger in dubai - adventures with kaya scott sassy mama dubai
Via Instagram | @adventureswithkaya

We absolutely love following Kaya Scott’s adventures with her three little musketeers. They’re always out and about, exploring our city and having fun in the sun. While Kaya may not have her own personal blog, she is the editor of Sassy Mama Dubai – a mummy website definitely worth following. You’ll find her posting regularly about parenting tips, useful apps and websites, fun things to do with kids and more!

What we love most: All of the incredible places this family visits! One look at Kaya’s Instagram feed and you’ll want to get out and explore. Also, her pictures are ah-mazing.

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