Region's largest slide looking colourful in Sega Republic at The Dubai Mall

7 Awesome Things to Do at Dubai Mall (That Don’t Involve Shopping!)

The Dubai Mall is anything but your typical mall. Not only does it house over 1,200 shops, a colossal aquarium, and an indoor theme park, but it also has the world’s tallest building as a next-door neighbour. Impressive. Despite all of this, you’d be forgiven for having experienced that it’s-tooooo-big-for-shopping anxiety and heading to one of the smaller malls around the city. Until now, of course… Yup, it’s time to plan an action-packed adventure with these 7 awesome things to do at Dubai Mall.

1. Slip down the region’s tallest slide

Move over kids, this one’s for the fun-loving adults! Sitting amidst Sega Republic’s 76,000 square-foot house of fun are two zippy slides that you have to check out. And if that’s not for you, you’ll find cutting-edge simulators, old school arcade games and more.

2. Meet King Croc!

Time to get up close and personal with the King Croc in Dubai’s Underwater Zoo. And if that’s not enough, while you’re there, make it your mission to traverse the tree-top walkway suspended above the super-sized fish tank.

3. Let your kids run a mini city

Alright guys, this one’s definitely for your kids… This edutainment park lets young minds think big. Whether your LO wants to try their hand at working at Maccy D’s or saving lives as an emergency doctor, KidZania let’s it happen.

4. Submerge yourself underwater with sharks

Because looking into the Dubai Aquarium just isn’t the same as jumping in with the sharks and stingrays. You may already know that if you have a certified PADI license, you can go diving in the giant fish tank, but did you know that anybody can cage snorkel? Time to come face-to-face with a Sand Tiger Shark.

5. Show off some tricks in the skatepark

Who knew that hidden on Level 2 of Dubai Mall is one of the city’s best kept skating secrets? Rage Skate Bowl is a hard spot to find for the uninitiated, but once you do, you can skate for free all day long.

6. Captain your own Airbus A380

Past all the shops and concessions is one of the most unexpected experiences… flying a plane! The Emirates A380 Experience puts you in the cockpit of the world’s largest plane for a 30-minute flight to one of 12 worldwide destinations. Head to The Village on Level G.

7. VIP your cinema trip

Forget your usual cinema trip, it’s time to tap into Platinum Cinema Suites. Gourmet treats and recliner seats? Ehh, yes please. Kick back and chill in front of the big screen while loving life in your comfy throne. Perfect for a date night or a treat to unwind after a hard week in work.