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15 Super Cool Things To Do in Al Quoz

One of the coolest areas in the city – Al Quoz is filled with hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered! From funky museums to live stand up comedy shows, here are 15 super cool things to do in Al Quoz!

1. Visit the Dubai Antique Museum

The Dubai Antique Museum is basically a massive bazaar with some of the coolest little trinkets! Whether you’re looking to pick up little trinkets for Eid gifts, or you just want to explore this gem of a museum, you’ll be able to browse through thousands of souvenirs, novelty items, furniture and traditional handicrafts from all around the world.

2. Learn parkour at Gravity Gym

Looking for a cool new workout to try? Parkour is not only an awesome body weight workout, but it will also teach you how to run up walls and do back flips! Sign up for a class at Gravity Gym in Al Quoz and the awesome instructors will teach you all the basics.

3.  Watch a play at The Junction Dubai

The Junction Dubai at Alserkal Avenue stages some of the best plays in town, from the Short+Sweet Festival to locally-produced plays like Howzat to famous ones like the Mousetrap! This month, they’ve got a French comedy Un Fil à La Patte playing live on stage.

4. Catch an improv show at The Courtyard Playhouse

Another awesome performing arts venue is the Courtyard Playhouse! They hold weekly comedy shows, improvised performances, NT Live screenings, storytime for kids and improv workshops if you’d like to learn a few things.

5. Enjoy a Kinder crepe at Freez or Ice Lab

From Kinder crepes and ice cream sandwiches to lava cakes and Lotus Kunafa (a Ramadan special), the desserts at Freez UAE are as good as they sound! Been there done that? Try out Ice Lab instead, they’re equally as delicious! You cannot leave Al Quoz without trying these out, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth!

6. Beat the heat at Chillout Ice Lounge

Tired of standing in front of a refrigerator to cool down?  The Chillout Ice Lounge is the perfect place to beat the heat this summer. Think you can handle the sub-zero temperatures? Don’t worry, there are jackets and hot drinks to keep you warm!

7. Jump around at Bounce Dubai

Did you know Al Quoz is home to Dubai’s largest indoor trampoline park? Best part is – there’s so much more to do at Bounce Dubai than just jumping. They’ve got dodge ball, trampoline basketball, foam pits and an entire X-Park obstacle course to take on!

8. Escape a locked room at Hint Hunt Dubai

Ready to get locked in a room for 60 minutes, with hidden clues to help you escape? Get your mates together and head to Hint Hunt Dubai at Times Square Centre for a fun game that will put your skills to the ultimate test! Try out the Zen Room for a fun challenge, or the Submarine ones for something a little harder.

9. Play board games at Back 2 Games

Looking for a cool place to hang out and play board games all day? Back 2 Games at Times Square Centre lets you do just that, and for free! They also have hundreds of awesome board games from around the world on sale, if you’re looking to pick up some new ones.

10. Check out the art galleries at Alserkal Avenue

From contemporary art to mechanical creations, Alserkal Avenue is home to some of Dubai’s coolest art galleries! If you’re visiting this Ramadan, you can join in on the free gallery tours every Wednesday at 8.30pm. While you’re there, you can also chill out at the creative spaces Nadi Al Quoz and A4 Space.

11. Have a cup of coffee at Cafe Rider

Need a cup of coffee? This custom motorcycle shop and cafe has an in-house coffee roastery! The result? Insanely good coffee, and the food is great too! Head to Cafe Rider for a hipster vibes, delicious coffee and a quick bite.

12. Go bowling at Dubai Bowling Centre

Ready to knock over some pins? Dubai Bowling Centre is one of our favourite bowling alleys in town, and they just got a makeover. Besides bowling, you can also play arcade games and bounce around their trampoline park.

13. Hang out at Al Quoz Pond Park

Yes, there really is a park in the middle of industrial neighbourhood Al Quoz! The Al Quoz Pond Park has a running track, a playground for the little ones, a pond and it’s free to enter!

14. Try the avocado on toast(s) at Tom & Serg Dubai

Because it’s delicious! In fact, Tom & Serg Dubai does avocado on toast so well that they’ve come up with three different versions of it: a local one with fried pine nuts & zaatar, a Mediterranean one with feta & pomegranate, and the classic smashed avo on toast.

15. Play Archery Tag at Flip Out Dubai

Looking for a fun game to challenge your competitive friends to? A fun mix of laser tag and archery, Archery Tag lets you channel your inner Katniss Everdeen and take down the opposing team with your archery skills! All the arrows are foam-tipped so don’t worry about getting hurt..

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