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7 Awesome Water Sports in Dubai to Beat the Heat this Summer

Looking for fun ways to beat the heat this summer? There’s no better way to cool down than by trying out Dubai’s thrilling water sports! Luckily for us, Dubai has everything you can imagine. From jet skiing in Dubai to flyboarding in Dubai, we’ve rounded up 7 awesome water sports in Dubai to help your survive the summer season..

1. Kitesurfing in Dubai

Via Instagram | @kitesurfdubai

Very popular at Kite Beach, this extreme water sport is a mix of kiting, wakeboarding and surfing – and it’s so much fun! Never tried kitesurfing before? You can sign up for private or group lessons with Kitesurf Dubai to learn all the basics. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ready to take on the waves!

2. Wakeboarding in Dubai

Via Xtreme Wake UAE

Ever tried wakesurfing or wakeboarding in Dubai? It’s one of the craziest water sports in Dubai, and the best part is – you don’t need any prior experience or lessons to try wakeboarding in Dubai!  All you need to do is to jump in the water, strap your feet to the board and listen carefully to the instructions as you go. Sign up for a few sessions and you’ll be wakesurfing like a pro in no time!

3. Stand Up Paddleboarding Dubai

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Stand up paddle boarding in Dubai is a super fun water sport to try, especially if you want to enjoy the peaceful waters and incredible views. On top of that, tt’s also an awesome arm and ab workout! If you can balance like a boss and you’re up for something more intense, try out the SUP Yoga and SUP HIIT classes at Watercooled UAE.

4. Flyboarding in Dubai

Via Flyboards UAE

If you haven’t tried it yet, flyboarding is definitely something to add to your Dubai bucket list! Strapped to a water jet from below, you’ll blast off into the sky as you use your feet and balance to control your movements.  As much as you try to avoid falling flat into the water, that’s probably the best part so just give it a go and have a blast. Here’s where to try flyboarding in Dubai..

5. Jet Skiing in Dubai

Via Instagram | @nemo_watersports_dubai

Fancy jet skiing in Dubai – from the Burj Al Arab to the Atlantis to JBR? Jet skiing in Dubai is a great way to explore the city from the water, and Nemo Watersports offers jet skiing tours, where you can get insane views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. Ready to go for a ride?

6. Surfing in Dubai

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Want to learn how to surf? Surfing in Dubai is nothing like surfing in other coastal cities, but we’ve still got a few (little) waves! So sign up for a few lessons to learn all the basics. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be shredding the bigger waves like a pro.

7. Scuba Diving in Dubai

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Want to get as far away as possible from the scorching hot sun? The sea is the best place to be! Strap on your scuba gear on and get ready to dive deep into the ocean. Alternatively, you can also scuba dive at the Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium, alongside sharks! Don’t have your PADI scuba license? Here’s where to learn scuba diving in Dubai, and here are some awesome spots to go diving in the UAE.

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