5 Spots Where you can Learn Surfing in Dubai

Always wanted to learn how to surf? Now that there’s finally some wind in Dubai, that means we’ve also got (little) waves! If you’re ready to test the waters, wax your boards and sign up for some surf lessons! Here are 5 places to learn surfing in Dubai. Trust us, you’ll be shredding it in no time…

Surf House Dubai

Surf Dubai, Surfing in Dubai, Surf House Dubai, Kitesurfing - Surf House Dubai
Via Facebook | @surfhousedubai

Want to learn how to surf like a pro? Surf House Dubai holds surfing lessons that are tailored to suit different levels. The instructors, who are qualified lifeguards and expert surfers, will get in the water to help you with paddling techniques, catching waves and controlling your surfboard.

Where: Surf House Dubai

Cost: AED 350 for a private lesson (group discounts and packages available)

Kite N’ Surf Dubai

Surf Dubai, Surfing in Dubai, Surf House Dubai, Kitesurfing - Kite N Surf Dubai

Kind of like a cross between wakesurfing and flying a kite, kitesurfing is actually a great way to practice being on the water, maneuvering your board and catching waves. Kite N Surf Dubai offers lessons for beginners, experienced surfers and kids too! Try out a kitesurfing discovery course to get a taster of what it’s like, or sign up for the full 8-hour course to gain some mad kitesurfing skills. Alternatively, Kite N Surf Dubai also teaches SUP Surf lessons, which is a lot like surfing, but so much easier! The best part, it lets you catch small waves, even before they break.

Where: Kite N Surf Dubai

Cost: AED 200 for 45-mins (Kitesurfing Discovery Course); AED 250/hour (Private SUP lesson)

Surf School Arabia, Fahrenheit Beach Sports

Surf Dubai, Surfing in Dubai, Surf House Dubai, Kitesurfing - Fahrenheit Beachsports surf school arabia
Via Instagram | @sil_such

A division of Fahrenheit Beach Sports, Surf School Arabia not only offers lessons for surfing in Dubai, but it also organizes regular surfing trips and tours (surfaris) to the Northern emirates for all of its skilled surfers! So you can sign up for a couple of classes, and put your skills to the test alongside fellow surfers.

Where: Fahrenheit Beachsports

Wild Wadi

Surf Dubai, Surfing in Dubai, Surf House Dubai, Kitesurfing - Wild Wadi

It may not be surfing in the sea, but the Wipeout and Riptide rides at Wild Wadi Waterpark are great (and super fun) ways to up your surfing game! Grab a foam board, jump on to the waves and try not to fall off as water shoots out towards you. It’s not easy, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few tries..

While you’re there, make sure you try out Wild Wadi’s best water slides and rides!

Where: Wild Wadi Waterpark

Cost: AED 195 per person, AED 175 for kids under 1.1 metres (UAE Residents rate)

Wadi Adventure

Surf Dubai, Surfing in Dubai, Surf House Dubai, Kitesurfing - Wadi Adventure
Via Facebook | @WadiAdventure

Another waterpark where you can learn how to surf is Wadi Adventure – located in the Jebel Hafeet area in Al Ain, just a 2-hour drive away from Dubai. On top of that, they also have loads of other super cool activities like White Water Rafting and Zip-lining!

Where: Wadi Adventure

Cost: AED 100 per hour (groups); AED 300 (private)

Not sure if surfing is for you? Try out a wakeboarding session to get the hang of it first, or if you’re looking for other water sports, here are 5 crazy water adventures to try!