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Where To Play A ‘Friendly’ Game of Laser Tag in Dubai

Want to challenge your friends to a (not so friendly) game of laser tag? Suit up, and get ready to strategise because losing is not an option! Be prepared to duck, run, hide, cover your team mates and chase after the enemies. Ready for some fun Dubai games? Here are some of the best arenas for laser tag Dubai has to offer..

1. Laserdrome

laser tag dubai autodrome
Via Dubai Autodrome

Thought the Dubai Autodrome was only for motor sports? Nope – they’ve got cycling nights and a Laserdrome too! The laser tag arena, or in other words.. the battle zone, is designed like a medieval maze and dungeon. If you’re up for the challenge, head there with your mates to battle it out. Max. 10 people per game.

Where: Dubai Autodrome, in Motor City

2. Laser Tag Thrill Zone

laser tag dubai thrill zone dubai
Via Thrill Zone

Calling all dinosaur fans! Thrill Zone Laser Tag Arena is themed around Jurassic Park and it is sooo cool! With UV lights, techno music, fog and more – you have 15 minutes to destroy the other team! Max. 20 players per game.

Where: Thrill Zone, Oasis Centre Mall

3. Hub Zero Dubai

laser tag dubai hub zero city walk dubai
Via Hub Zero

Get ready for one serious battle at Hub Zero Dubai! Spread out over two levels, this battle field is themed around a missile hidden deep underground. Gather up your allies, and grab your laser gun in an epic war against the locusts!

Where: Hub Zero Dubai, City Walk 2

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