XLine Is Open to the Public... But Only for Another 3 weeks!

Yup, we were there with you: tagging ourselves on Instagram to win an XLine experience, writing on Facebook to get in on the action, entering every XDubai competition – but with absolutely zero success.

For a while there, ‘open to the public’ definitely felt more like ‘open only to the press’, so when the booking info finally leaked, insydo jumped on it. Now it’s time for you to do the same; here’s what you need to know:

The practical info

Price: AED 600 per person (no refund).

Weight Restrictions: 50kg (min.) to 110kg (max.).

Height Restrictions: 1.40m (min.) to 2.10m (max.).

Age restriction: over 10 years old.

How to book: There’s an Xline stall in Dubai Mall (you’ll find it next to Social House on the Lower Ground Floor). You’ll need to present a valid I.D. On-the-spot bookings are possible, but not guaranteed.

Closing Date: The scheduled closing date for the XLine experience is 15th April (but this has frequently changed in the past).

What to wear: Wear something comfy as you’ll be harnessed in. Opt for secure shoes and tie back any loose hair. There’s a little pouch on the harness that can hold small items.

The starting point: Burj Residences Tower, Tower 3, Downtown Dubai.

The finishing point: The crash mat landing zone at The Dubai Mall. Once you descend the scaffolded steps, you’ll come out inside Fashion Avenue.

The fun stuff

You can sit or Suuuuperman your way across the 558-metre XLine.

You’ll be harnessed in and given a 5-second countdown before plunging from the roof of a residential building.

The XLine zips right across the fountains, offering you killer views of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

When it comes to photos and video footage, there are no limits (but you’re holding your cameras/phones – and anything else – at your own risk)

Prepare to snap super selfies and enviable GoPro footage during your 30-40 second experience.

The insydo Team takes on XLine by XDubai