5 African Safaris That Are Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures

Going on an African safari is a childhood dream for most of us… but figuring out where to go can be overwhelming. Looking for the best African safari holidays 2019? If you’re keen on connecting with the world’s most spectacular wildlife, here’s a shortlist of 5 epic safaris in Africa that will blow you away…

1. Kruger National Park in South Africa

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Tour highlights: One of the largest game reserves in Africa, the iconic Kruger National Park is an ideal choice for budget travelers and first-timers. It attracts almost a million visitors a year and offers some pretty epic sleeping options — from overnight camping under the stars to luxury villas. It’s also one of the best places on the continent to get up-close to the Big Five.
Best time to go: May to November

2. Maasai Mara in Kenya/Tanzania

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Tour highlights: Kenya is one of the birthplaces of the safari adventure, so it’s no surprise they offer some of the best experiences you’ll find on the continent. The famed Maasai Mara is where you can catch the Great Migration of 1-million strong herds, and if you’re an avid trekker, you can also plan a trip up Mount Kilimanjaro — the highest mountain in Africa.
Best time to go: July to October | December to February

3. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

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Tour highlights: Another iconic reserve where you can witness the annual migration of millions of animals including zebras and wildebeest, Serengeti National Park features a vast array of landscapes… from never-ending flat seas of grass to rivers, forests and mountains. Home to over three million animals, it has the highest population of lions anywhere in Africa.
Best time to go: June to October

4. South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

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Tour highlights: Zambia is an utterly breathtaking country with so much to see across South Luangwa National Park. Offering everything from ‘walking safaris’ to adventures along the iconic Luangwa River, the park features 60 different animal species and over 400 different bird species. At the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, you’ll also have the chance to visit Victoria Falls — roughly twice the height of Niagara Falls.
Best time to go: July to October

5. Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda

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Tour highlights: Located in southwest Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a diverse range of adventures including gorilla trekking safaris, rafting on the nile and epic mountain climbing. Founded in 1952 and visited by the Queen two years later, the park is also famous for its volcanic features, scenic landscapes and incredible diversity of wildlife.
Best time to go: January to February

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