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WATCH: New Adnoc Service Will Deliver Petrol Straight to Your Car

Waiting to fill up your car at a busy petrol station can feel like a nightmare, especially when you’re already late for work. But imagine a fuel delivery service that comes straight to your car, all at the push of a button. Well folks, that may soon be a reality in the UAE. Here’s what you should know

Adnoc is testing a new fuel delivery service

According to a report in Gulf News, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is currently testing a new service named Call to Fuel that will allow drivers to order fuel delivery online through an app.

WATCH: The video below shows how the delivery system works:

Abu Dhabi customers using the Call to Fuel service can log onto the app, select a date, time and location for petrol delivery, and Adnoc will handle the rest. Vehicles can even be filled up when you’re not around – just ensure that the gas tank door is left open and there’s room for the mid-sized petrol truck to operate without impeding traffic.

The new service is apparently still in test mode, but the prospects of ordering fuel through an app – the way you might order a pizza – is something that will no doubt be extremely popular here. We’ll be updating you with more details as they come.

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