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This NEW Ice Cream Parlour at City Walk Looks Like a Sweet Dream…

There’s something really sweet in the air these days, and it might be coming from the new ice cream parlour that just opened at City Walk Dubai. If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, keep on reading…

We’re talking about the launch of Sweet Salvation, a Canadian dessert shop that specialises in soft-serve ice cream… (which is perfectly okay with us.) Best part? They’ve got the DNA of a bonafide freak shake with loads of can’t-resist flavours and toppings.

Dubai’s got a new sweet spot…

Sweet Salvation gives you a lot of (intensely decadent) menu options to choose from. We’re talking cookie dough, brownies, birthday cake… mmmm.

Credit: Sweet Salvation

Our personal fave from the menu? That would be the aptly named Gold Digger with saffron vanilla ice cream, caramel and pistachios – designed especially for Dubai (…you’ve got to love a place with a sense of humour.)

You can order your ice cream in a cone or cup which come in two sizes, Biggie and Smallz (… haha yup) and they cost AED 30 – AED 35. They’ve also got shakes and frappé on offer that come in some typically indulgent flavours.

Credit: Sweet Salvation

Excuse us while we unleash our inner ice cream monsters… be back soon!

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