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Road Trip! Dubai’s New Electric Car Rentals Cost Only AED 5 an Hour…

Getting around without a car is a fact of life for many people. But living in a ‘sharing economy’ (go Millennials!) means that we have easy access to the things we need straight from our mobile device.

That said, this car rental Dubai offer is one you shouldn’t miss the next time you’re planning an epic road trip in the UAE. Here’s what you should know

Electric car rental Dubai offer

Online car rental company has a fleet of all-electric Renault Zoe cars available for hire for AED 5 per hour. Here are the details:

  • The offer is available to residents, international travellers, and businesses
  • There’s a minimum rental period of 24 hrs with a range of 250 kms per day
  • Customers will have access to over 90 free charging stations across Dubai (see map below)
  • Salik is free… yay!
  • You’ll enjoy free parking in designated areas

If you’ve yet to drive an electric car, we can tell you that it’s a cool experience. The vehicle is super quiet (no engine… duh!) and the drive is smooth… try it out for yourself! If not, you can always hire a Tesla taxi to zip you around town.

Map of free charging stations in Dubai: