A Mind-Bending ‘Museum of Illusions’ is Opening in Dubai

Prepare yourselves for a bit of mind-bending optical fun as the Dubai Museum of Illusions prepares to open up shop in September. Here are the details

New mind-blowing Dubai museum set to open

The Museum of Illusions is opening in Dubai on September 12 in Al Seef near Dubai Creek. We’re still waiting to hear on ticket prices, but the new attraction will feature 80 interactive exhibits designed around a range of optical illusions… so get your cameras ready!

Guests can expect a visual and sensory experience throughout the space. One of the attractions on showcase will be the Vortex Tunnel, a rotating cylinder that will make guests believe the ground is shifting beneath them.

dubai museum of illusions man walking through vortex tunnel
Credit: Museum of Illusions

There’s also the Ames Room where visitors will shrink or grow depending on where they’re standing… a bit like Willy Wonka’s factory, don’t you think?

visitors at dubai museum of illusions shrinking
Credit: Museum of Illusions

Want to get a little topsy-turvy? This room will have you feeling like Spider-Man…

visitors at dubai museum of illusions upside down
Credit: Museum of Illusions

Many of the museum’s other exhibits are still yet to be revealed, but from the looks of it… things are definitely going to get a bit head-scratching along the way. We can’t wait to check this out!

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