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Here’s How to Use the New Smart Gates at Dubai Airport…

There’s nothing worse than turning up at DXB Airport during a rush and getting stuck in never-ending queues. Thing is… you don’t actually have to. Here’s how travelers can breeze through customs in seconds…

How to use E Gate Dubai at DXB Airport

It’s a myth that smart gates are reserved solely for UAE residency holders. Fact is, many non-resident travelers can also benefit from the electronic system. Here’s what you should know:

What are the requirements for using smart gates at DXB Airport?

  • Smart gates can be used by UAE citizens and residents, GCC nationals and passport holders from a number of countries that are eligible for visa on arrival.
  • All UAE residents who are older than 15 years can use their Emirates ID to pass through the smart gates.
  • Smart gates do not require a dedicated card and can identify a traveller by either their passport, Emirates ID, e-gate card or a QR barcode generated via smartphone app.

Will this actually get me through customs quicker?

Most definitely. Dubai Airport just added 20 new smart gates in the arrivals area of Terminal 1, in addition to the 10 installed last year in departures. In total, 127 smart gates are available across DXB Airport, reducing average transaction times to just 10-15 seconds… works for us!

Image credit: Dubai Airport

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