Dubai is Hosting a ‘Sleep Challenge’ Next Month — Who’s Winning?!

So you think you’re a champion sleeper? Here’s your chance to FINALLY prove it. Dubai is hosting its first-ever ‘sleep challenge’ next month… with prizes awaiting the most well-rested winner. Here are the contest details

Dubai ‘sleep challenge’ is looking for a champ

We’ve all got a friend who claims they can sleep through practically anything, but how about backing up that talk? On September 16, you can participate in a ‘sleep challenge’ happening during INDEX Dubai at the World Trade Centre.

During the three-hour contest, you’ll need to fall asleep right in the middle of the buzzing exhibition floor. The winner taking home a new DeRUCCI mattress will be the person “who can enjoy the longest, most peaceful snooze.” Where the nappers at?!

How to enter:

  • To participate, you’ve got to share your most memorable or bizarre sleep story in 150 words on
  • Entries have to be submitted before 2 September 2018.
  • Only four contestants will be shortlisted from the entries received.
  • The winner takes home a new bed which will be matched to their sleep requirement assessed by DeRUCCI’s digital mattress selecting system.