World’s First Floating Drive-Thru Eatery Opens in Dubai

Dubai’s drive-thru foodie culture has just hit a whole new level! The emirate just launched the world’s first floating fast-food joint, a concept that’s sure to spark curiosity with beach goers. Check this out

Dubai launches floating food truck concept

The floating food truck is called an Aqua Pod, and was invented by 26-year-old, award-winning architect Ahmed Youssef, founder of Aquatic Architects Design Studio.

The pod will service locations including Dubai’s Palm Lagoon, Kite Beach and Al Sufouh, starting February 2.

Image credit: Aquatic Architects Design Studio

A glimpse of the floating kitchen…

The pod will be operating as a floating kitchen called Salt Bay (of course), and will be catering to customers on jet skis and yachts with a creative burger & fries menu.


Jet skis will be used for deliveries…

Customers on jet skis or other small vessels can opt for the self-serve method and pick up their orders. For deliveries, Salt Bay will use a flag system for customers within a 500-meter radius, with waitstaff collecting payments and delivering orders on the back of jet skis.


Aqua Pod was designed to be eco-friendly

Built with sustainability in mind, the hybrid vessel will be powered by electricity and diesel. It even has a built-in garbage system that collects floating trash.


We’re not sure when we’d actually have a chance to try this place out, but they might come in handy during your next boat party. Got to love the convenience, right?

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