Did You Know These Flamingos Live in Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary?

If you’re driving along Ras Al Khor road in Dubai, you can stop off at the Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy a few moments of serenity from the city. Set to the backdrop of the greenery and fauna, the pink flamingos flaunt around the protected urban area as they bask in the sunshine at the mouth of the Dubai Creek.

Where we found it: Ras Al Khor Road

What it cost us: It’s free to visit the sanctuary

insydo verdict: “It’s so unexpected. The city skyline is behind you and so is the main road, but when you venture down the walkway and into the wooden hut, you immediately feel as though you have left Dubai. It’s peacefully serene and you can watch the flamingos in action. Just don’t expect cafés, shops or bathrooms while there; it’s a genuine roadside stop-off that steers well clear of typical Dubai convenience!”

Check out the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in the video above and explore Dubai with us for even more in-the-know hotspots and city escapes.