5 Awesome Desert Adventures to Try in Dubai

When you live in a desert, there is absolutely no excuse for missing out on some of the most adventurous off road activities you can do among the golden sand dunes. Here’s a rundown of 5 awesome desert adventures; there’s something for everyone!

1. Dirt bike Through the desert with Mx Dubai

Unleash your wild side while slicing through the dunes with extreme sports company Mx Dubai. Stocked with the latest KTM 450cc bikes and an insane dune buggy built with a 4.5 litre V8 Corvette engine, expect adrenaline-fuelled desert excursions. Just Gas It also offers epic adventure tours in the desert, jump on the back of one of their dirt bikes while being guided along a daredevil route on the dunes.

insydo tip: Unleash your wild side while slicing through the dunes with these extreme sports companies. If you’ve never ridden a motorbike, you will struggle!

2. Cycle through the desert

Ever wonder what those bikes with the fat tyres were all about? Hop onto an E-fat bike bound for the dunes with Desert Cycle Tours and get active in the great outdoors. Morning tours, sunset tours, private tours… you name it, these guys do it.

insydo tip: Try out the Private Cycle Tour with just our friends and family. To qualify, you must be able to ride a cycle for at least 5km

3. Sand board down the desert slopes

Swap the surf boards for the sand boards and throw yourself down the golden sand dunes in Dubai. If owning a sand board is a step to far, you can give it a try on most desert safaris!

insydo tip: Sand boarding is typically free when you go on a desert safari, but sometimes the boards are a little old and damaged.

4. Bash through the desert in a dune buggy

Driving around the city can be a stressful headache. Off roading in the desert? Not so much. Take all that bottled up rage and release it behind the wheel of a dune buggy with adventure company Dream Explorer. Boasting a stock of powerful machines, it’s all the therapy you’ll ever need.

insydo tip: Choose between a powerful single-seater buggy for around AED 550 or a two-seater for AED 695 per hour.

5. Experience a desert safari 

There are soooo many types of desert safaris in Dubai. You can do a quad-biking safari, an overnight safari, a VIP safari and that’s just the beginning. Take a look at Platinum Heritage for something a little more upscale, or flick through the Entertainer to find a hot deal if you have a group of visitors in town as it can work out quite pricey. This is a definite must for tourists!

insydo tip: Just bring a cap and a camera! There are SO many safari companies that offer dune bashing, camel rides, dinner, and a traditional Middle Eastern performance, but we’re big fans of Arabian Nights!