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Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair loss: a common problem that many of us can relate to, especially since moving to Dubai. Whether it’s stress or changes in lifestyle, there are a number of different reasons that can cause hair fall and thinning. We got chatting to a Hair Specialist at Harklinikken Clinic Dubai who shared some insights into a couple of the leading causes…

1. How much hair loss is normal?

“Normal hair loss can actually reach up to 150 strands a day, but it’s absolutely normal over a period of time to lose between 50 and 100 strands per day.”

2. Does having a water filter in your shower help prevent hair loss?

“It has been a big myth that the water here causes hair loss. While it does make the hair dry and can lead to breakage, the main concern we should be considering is the amount of water you drink along with the quality of water that you drink.”

3. Does frequent combing cause hair loss?

“Frequent combing can of course wear and tear the hair, but it will not actually destroy the hair. It’s the type of regular treatment and care that you give to your hair that can destroy it.”

4. Does using too much shampoo cause hair loss?

“This really depends on what kind of shampoo you use. A lot of the shampoos that are in the market contain a lot of chemicals such as silicone, petrochemicals and fragrances. Firstly, these chemicals can irritate and penetrate the scalp which can lead to redness, pimples and dandruff. When it comes to treating our scalp in the best way, we should make sure we wash the scalp using a good, healthy shampoo – something that doesn’t have all the additives and the problematic preservatives.”

5. Do hair straighteners cause hair loss?

“Try and refrain from using straighteners – basically anything that burns and damages the hair – and the same also goes for blow dryers. We tend to put them on a very high heat and use them very close to the hair; this burns and dehydrates the hair.”

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