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The Rise of Gut-Friendly Foods and Drinks

Did you know that our gut is known as the second brain? Maintaining a healthy gut is extremely important for the body’s overall wellness and people are becoming more aware of the huge role that diet has to play. Here are some quick insights into why gut health is so important, and the different foods and drinks that support it.

Why is gut health so important?

Did you know that there’s good bacteria and there’s bad bacteria. While bacteria is often associated with diseases and infections, it also actually contributes to keeping your body – particularly your gut – healthy.

Your gut contains many microbes which all help towards immune function, keeping a balanced weight and digestion. The main factor that can positively (or negatively) affect your good gut bacteria is your diet, and the different foods and drinks you put into your body. They say you are what you eat, and the same goes for all of those microbes that live in your gut.


What should I eat for a healthy gut?

As people are becoming more aware, you’ll find more gut-friendly foods and drinks hitting the shelves. From eating more plant-based foods and fibre to avoiding processed foods, there are many different dietary changes you can begin implementing into your everyday lifestyle.

Ever heard someone talk about food that’s ‘live’? Probiotics are live bacteria that are actually thought to be good for you and your gut. These can be found in produce such as live yoghurt, some cheeses, fermented foods and more…

  • Fermented Foods: This includes everything from kimchi and miso to kombucha and some pickles.
  • Sourdough Breads: The benefits of sourdough breads are still not entirely known, however, the claim is that they contain additional microbes that help support a healthy gut.
  • Cheese: Some studies claim that the probiotics found in traditionally-produced cheese (this doesn’t apply to mass-manufactured cheese) can benefit health.
  • Yoghurts: Probiotics can also be found in traditionally-produced yoghurts and ‘live’ yoghurts, however, they may not actually survive the acidity found in the stomach.
  • Bone Broth: Homemade bone broth offers a number of health benefits – one of which is helping to cure a leaky gut.
Via Amy Myers MD