This Food Delivery App Actually Offers FREE Delivery in Dubai

Like to think of yourself as the undisputed King/Queen of ordering takeout? Well, there’s a food delivery app that’s here to make those pizza nights a little cheesier and easier. If you’re a sucker for ordering out on days when the kitchen’s your mortal enemy, Carriage will handle the job for FREE. We’ve tested it and put together a shortlist of 7 reasons why Carriage is all about that #foodhustle.

1. They offer FREE delivery in Dubai

You already know that many food delivery services around town charge a fee every time you order, but Carriage takes the sting away by offering delivery in Dubai at no charge. It’s free delivery, folks – ’nuff said.

2. There’s NO minimum order in Dubai

Whether you’re ordering a cupcake or a bowl of soup, Carriage isn’t going to force you to spend a minimum just to satisfy those late-night cravings. It’s one of the features we like most about the app — and it makes ‘ordering for one’ a bit more convenient (a plus when you’re solo and binge-watching in sweatpants.) Oh, and if you use the promo code INSYDO, they’ll offer a AED 20 discount on every order over the next two weeks.

3. You can track your order

Gotta love technology, right? When you place an order on Carriage, you’re able to track the delivery on a map — so no waiting around clueless for the doorbell to ring. It’s also great for pre-ordering dinner just as you’re leaving the office (guilty AF.) They offer speedy delivery with a useful ‘average delivery time’ feature — it gives you a clearer idea of how long before the order reaches your door.

4. Menu items have visuals

Ever place an order for something that arrived in your home looking… a tad different? Carriage takes the guess-work out of deciding what takeout is going to satisfy your tummy. With snapshots of most menu items for you to peruse — in our world — that’s exactly the kind of picture worth a thousand words.

5. They’re big on discount offers

If you order out several times a week (no judgement), you could be helping your bank balance by availing some kick-ass foodie offers on Carriage. From instant AED 30 discounts on orders to endless restaurant promos, there’s always a chance to save some dirhams.

6. The restaurant variety is huge

When the inevitable “What should we order?” breaks out, be prepared because Carriage isn’t going to make deciding any easier. The app has over 450 restaurants along with popular filters for making searching simpler. From Clinton St. Baking Company to SugarMoo, choosing something delicious is just another one of your 99 problems.

7. They deliver more than just food

Even though Carriage is all about that #foodhustle, the delivery service is happy to hook you up with other handy items as well. Across the UAE, you can easily order your pharmaceuticals online. They’ll also let you place orders with local flower shops — perfect for surprise (and, uh, last-minute) deliveries. (FYI, the app functions in both English and Arabic.)

Verdict: Even if you’re using another food delivery service, we suggest trying out Carriage anyways — you can decide for yourself what works best for your foodie life.

Start ordering online at Use the promo code: INSYDO to get AED 20 off every order over the next two weeks.

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