5 Reasons You’ll Want To Open a Saadiq XtraSaver Account

When it comes to financial goals, we’re all working towards something big. If only saving money was that simple. Here to lend a helping hand is Standard Chartered’s Saadiq XtraSaver account, which helps you save more… to earn more!
This savings account applies to new customers opening a Saadiq XtraSaver account for the first time, including UAE Nationals, Residents, and Non-Residents 18 years and up.
Here are five reasons you’ll want to open a Saadiq XtraSaver account… today!

1. More savings, more returns!

Looking for a simple way to boost your savings? A Saadiq XtraSaver account offers higher returns of up to 2.5% for the first 2 months (this applies to new accounts opened), followed by up to 2% per annum. It’s also worth noting that to be eligible for the bonus 2.5%, you’ll need to fund the account with at least AED 100,000.

2. Say goodbye to monthly fees

Yep, that’s right! The Saadiq XtraSaver account comes with zero monthly fees… no strings attached! This allows you to really boost your money and properly focus on that dream house (or car!) you’ve been saving for.

3. Internationally accepted debit card

The Saadiq XtraSaver account comes with an internationally recognised debit card which is accepted all over the world. So you’ll be able to take advantage of 24/7 ATM withdrawals, online shopping and so much more!

4. Easy account access

From online and mobile banking to a Client Care Centre, you’ll be able to check in on your funds whenever, wherever!

5. It’s Shariah-compliant

The Saadiq XtraSaver account is approved by an independent Shariah Supervisory Committee, which means all Islamic Banking principles are adhered to.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of opening a Saadiq XtraSaver account, visit Standard Chartered

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