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Dubai’s Newest VR Experience is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried

Forget what you think you know about VR gaming experiences — Dreamscape feels like its light years ahead on another planet. Pushing the limits to what virtual reality look and feels like, this LA-based concept has finally launched in Mall of the Emirates — and it’s guaranteed to change the way you view VR. Here are 3 reasons why it has to be experienced to be believed…

1. It pushes Virtual Reality to new limits

The worlds created in Dreamscape’s trio of VR experiences are truly mind-bending. This isn’t about strapping on a VR head set and observing your environment — you actually feel like you’re a part of it. It mixes the physical and digital worlds in ways that take immersive VR to the next level. Imagine being a character in a rendered world with real elements. When you reach out to grab certain objects during the gaming experience, you’re able to hold it in your palms — it’s genuinely impressive. Designed by Hollywood’s biggest imaginations including Disney, Dreamworks and even Steven Spielberg, it feels like the VR of the future.

2. There are 3 unique VR experiences to explore

Dreamscape offers a trio of immersive experiences that each offer a unique storyline. You can take a spaceship to an intergalactic alien zoo, swim with whales in the deep ocean, or go on a mystical adventure in an ancient temple. The wind blows in your hair, you feel the heat of a jet engine, you can pet the ‘alien’ dinosaurs as they walk by — woah woah woah! We tried all three but it’s impossible to choose a favorite because each VR world offers such a different experience. Here’s a breakdown of what’s on offer:

Alien Zoo: This is a space zoo populated with fantastical wildlife — sort of like an interstellar Jurassic Park. You can even reach out and pet some of the creatures roaming the park!

The Blu — Deep Rescue: Dive into the depths of the ocean and swim alongside the largest creature on Earth: the blue whale. Power up an AquaScooter and maneuver through shipwrecks and circling marine life. As you dive deeper the temperatures actually start to dip — it’s a lot of fun.

Magic Projector: Curse of The Lost Pearl: The most action-packed of the trio, you explore the ruins of an ancient temple while on the hunt for a priceless jewel, so expect plenty of surprises around every turn.

3. You feel like you’re going on a journey

The VR fantasy begins as soon as you step inside Dreamscape. This space at Mall of the Emirates sort of resembles a train depot, with ‘departure’ times listed and conductors shouting “boarding now!” when your turn is up. At check-in, you select your full-bodied avatar (this is a shared mixed-reality hybrid experience where you can physically interact with your fellow avatars.) Before ‘boarding’, you’re equipped with a head-mounted display, backpack computer, and small haptic sensors that slip over your hands and feet. This is when you’re ready to step through a portal to another world…

Dreamscape is located in Mall of the Emirates on Level 2 (next to the Apple Store). Book your experience online at dreamscapeimmersive.com or by calling +971 04-2200995

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