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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Outdoor Play Time?

According to the U.N, Children’s Rights Article 31, 2013, “Every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts”. With computer games, iPads and smartphones becoming an easy form of entertainment for many kids, parents are concerned that children are getting far more gadget play time than active play time.

Tapping into an important question and issue affecting the children of today, OMO is asking parents to reflect on the concept of active play and what it really means. Living in a city like Dubai where scorching temperatures make it hard for kids to play outside, it’s understandable why some parents may prefer to send their little ones to indoor play areas.

Looking to break boundaries in the region, the laundry detergent OMO has recently launched a ‘Dirt Is Good’ campaign. This campaign promotes children’s #RightToPlay by encouraging them to go out and play, get dirty, and learn new things. Making it easier for parents to worry about their washing later, this campaign not only promotes its washing products, but also educates parents on the reasons why getting dirty through active play is good for your kids.

Dirt is Good!

Finding ways to make dirt ‘purposeful’, OMO is changing up the way parents see ‘dirt’, by making it something positive rather than negative. Whether it’s grass stains from adventures in the park or sandy hair from a fun day in the desert, outdoor activities really do make a difference in kids’ happiness, health and confidence.

From OMO Comfort Active Powders to OMO Liquid Detergents, you can now let your little ones enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about your washing. We’re loving the sound of that!

Here are four reasons why OMO encourages messy play:

  1. Play is important for normal child development
  2. Play promotes physical development
  3. Social skills are built through play
  4. Mess is a signal of creativity

Not sure where to take your little ones? Here are some awesome outdoor spots (perfect for those cooler months) around the city recommended by our team of Supermums:

  • Aventura Nature Adventure Park: A perfect day out for the whole family, kids can enjoy plenty of climbing, jumping and swinging at Aventura!
  • Al Qudra Lake: With countless sand dunes to climb and explore, your kids can run around freely ’til their heart’s content!
  • Zabeel Park: This is the go-to park for many families living in Dubai, complete with picnic stations, grassy areas, and outdoor play areas to make the most of!

Who’s ready to get dirty and learn?!

For more information on OMO’s Dirt Is Good campaign about children’s #RightToPlay, flick to the OMO Arabia Facebook page or OMO Arabia Instagram page. You’ll even find four reasons for messy play on the OMO Arabia website!

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