Here's What Went Down at Sole DXB! Were You There?!

In case you missed it on social media, Sole DXB was back at the weekend with a slicker-than-ever street culture setup in D3. From the oh-so Tokyo entrance to the Sole X smartwater closing party, this was one weekend that fused together all aspects of urban lifestyle and slam-dunked its way to winning our vote as the best event to hit the Dubai streets in 2017!

Think urban, drink urban

While fashion and stylish sneakers ran the D3 streets, it was Coca-Cola that fuelled the 3-day festival. Taking the opportunity to launch its innovative, urban smartwater brand at one of the city’s most stylish street events, Coca-Cola cultivated a creative pop-up that was splashed all over our Instagram feeds and stories.

Inspired by the clouds, smartwater made sure its message trickled through the crowds by giving out fluffy, cloud-like candyfloss and inviting the crowds to get some air-time on a sky-inspired swing… all while the funky ‘bar’-tenders flipped bottles and made sure the crowd stayed hydrated.

Sole X smartwater closing party

Taking over the Sole DXB space to finish the weekend in style, smartwater powered Sole DXB’s Saturday night closing party in D3. Lighting up the outdoor venue with neon clouds ice-buckets, the premium water brand called on the crowd to “Save Champagne, Drink Water” while pumping up the sound with talent straight out of Ibiza: DJ Andy Baxter, Dave Lubin and Tom Crane all took to the decks for the street-style party finale.

Inspired by the clouds…

While kicking back in our cloud-cushioned seats at the smartwater pop-up, we caught up with Murat Ozgel, GM of Coca-Cola, to find out why Coca-Cola chose Sole DXB as the place to go public with its new premium water brand…

“We believe that Sole DXB is one of the trendiest events in Dubai and, as an urban brand, we wanted to be a part of it. This is the first public appearance of smartwater in Dubai; it just launched this week. It’s a unique water brand – a premium water brand – and it’s very urban. You’ll find it in the big cities: New York, London and now Dubai. From the brand production to the branding, smartwater is inspired by the clouds. We evaporate the water to purify it; then we condense it again and add electrolytes – essential minerals -back into it for hydration and for the pure, crisp taste of it. Not only is it a smart product, but it is smart packaging too. Smartwater is 100% recyclable and 30% of the bottle is coming from plants. It’s urban, sustainable and you’ll find it in all the big cities.” 

Art, food, music, sport, style and smartwater – Sole DXB 2017 was a definite success! Check out our round-up video and see if you can recognise a few of your faces!

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