Stereo Arcade Dubai

Stereo Arcade is Bringing the Party Vibes Back This Summer

Going out in Dubai doesn’t have to be complicated… if you know where to look. Searching for party vibes every day of the week? You’re going to love what’s planned at Stereo Arcade and Boom Room.

When you’re hunting for a lively party scene, the doors at this 3-in-1 venue are always open. Its got trendy vibes, hyped up urban nights, and enough old-school video games to make you go Donkey Kong.

Here’s what you need to know:

Go retro at ‘The Club’

Stereo Arcade Dubai

Vibes: The Club @ Stereo Arcade is like stepping foot inside an old-school video arcade… and they’ve got tunes to match. Dance under the neon lights in a really awesome party atmosphere – the crowds are always energetic.

Nights to watch out for:

  • Every Thursday and Friday you’ll find dance floor anthems from the 80s, 90s and all the way to the newest hits of this year.

Great for… dancing to the soundtrack of your youth.

Get urban at Boom Room

Stereo Arcade Dubai

Vibes: One of the newest nightlife destinations in town, Boom Room features four awesome nights every week to attract the city’s urban music lovers. Decked out in graffiti art, this spot regularly delivers all genres of music including electronic, R&B, funk and hip-hop.

Nights to watch out for:

  • ‘Family Affair’ every Tuesday features hip-hip with a twist of House music. Ladies also get 2 free drinks between 6pm – 9pm, and another 2 drinks from 9pm onwards.
  • ‘UpTown’ takes place every Wednesday with DJ Mr Shef Codes playing hip-hop and R&B. Ladies also get 2 drinks on the house until midnight.
  • Thursdays has DJ Andy Swift on the decks while DJ Stylez takes over on Fridays – they both play the hottest hip-hop and R&B tunes all weekend.

Great for… kickin’ it old-school with the city’s hip-hop set (watch out for all-vinyl nights from the DJ booth!)

Press play at The Arcade

Stereo Arcade Dubai

Vibes: Enter Dubai’s ultimate arcade zone where you’ll find 12 retro machines (with over 500 games on each machine.) A great spot to take a breather from the high-energy atmosphere of the two connecting clubs, The Arcade is a blast-from-the-past that features all your favourite titles from Mario Kart to Mortal Kombat. Grab a friend for some friendly competition – highest score buys the next round!

Come down…  daily from 6pm – 3am ( and the arcades are free-to-play.)

Great for… a trip down memory lane (because honestly, when’s the last time you actually saw a retro arcade machine?!)

Regular entry is free. For bookings, call 800-STEREO

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