The Top 11 Organisations for Volunteering in Dubai

Looking for reputable organisations for volunteering in Dubai? We hear you. Volunteering in the UAE at the right organisations isn’t always easy, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve tried and tested several organisations for volunteering Dubai, and we’ve narrowed down the 11 best. From finding volunteering experience and volunteering work in Dubai to donating to the cause closest to your heart, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and more.

What’s the bottom line?

We went undercover to find the top organisations for volunteering in Dubai.

Here’s the deal:

1. World Wildlife Fund

Volunteer with the World Wildlife Fund and help reduce your carbon footprint today.

2. Al Noor Training Centre

Visit Al Noor Training Centre and give back to children with special needs in Dubai.

3. Start World

Sign up with Start World to help bring a little colour to the lives of orphans and special needs children in Dubai.

4. Gulf For Good

Raise donations for well-known charities by taking part of global adventure challenges with Gulf For Good.

5. Emirates Diving Association

Promote a positive impact on marine life by taking part in the charitable activities hosted by the Emirates Diving Association.

6. Maria Cristina Foundation

Give back to children in need with the Maria Cristina Foundation.

7. Smartlife

Lend your support to the blue-collar workers in the UAE with the events held by Smartlife.

8. Dubai Foundation for Women & Children

Help the Dubai Foundation for Women & Children, the first fully-licensed non-profit shelter in Dubai.

9. the [sameness project]

Bring a smile to the face of those less fortunate with the [sameness project].

10. Emirates Wildlife Society

Link up with Emirates Wildlife Society, a non-profit environmental organisation in Dubai.

11. Movember Foundation Charity

Raise funds for some of the biggest issues facing men with the Movember Foundation Charity.